What We Do in Canada

Building Canadian Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change

Through our global work on adaptation to climate change and the mobilization of climate finance, we have learned valuable lessons that can be applied in a Canadian context. We have strong expertise and skills in the design of adaptation initiatives working with private sector entities, municipal and local government authorities, as well as with non-governmental organizations.

Our services include:

  • Training and guidance materials to help integrate climate change concerns into planning for private sector companies, municipalities, and institutions;
  • Project-specific targeted technical advice on the integration of climate and environmental issues;
  • Climate risk assessments and mitigation plans, as well as environmental impact assessments;
  • Assistance in mobilizing financing for sustainability planning, projects and climate change;

Relevant examples of our work include:

  • Redesigning a coastal road to account for sea level rise, increased storm surges and flooding;
  • Delivering training on the development of adaptation plans and projects;
  • Analyzing the impacts of climate change on local water supply and agricultural value chains;
  • Creating a blueprint for addressing climate risks at farm level;